Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Win or to Mac?

My first experience with IT is with an Apple, when I got my hands on an Apple IIe at school where, me and my schoolmates learned about graphics and programming on the IIe. So, once the IBM-PC revolution hit the world, I jumped on the bandwagon running.

After graduating, I worked in a bank, the then ‘IT place’. We work around mainframes and IT server rooms which takes up a whole floor. Got my chance to help develop an accounts reconciliation system at the bank and hone my skills both in hardware and software aspect.

Windows I started with DOS, graduated to Win 3.1, then Win 95 all the way to XP, I can say I have the ability to troubleshoot should things broke down or refuse to work in those systems. With Vista? Not too familiar with the system but still learning. It should be easy to do, but I still prefer XP to Vista any day.

appleEven if I have been dabbling in Windows domain all this while, the Mac  universe has always had a special place in my heart but for the higher price of Apple laptops, I still yet to have my own first Mac. Anyway, todate I have a ‘Hackintosh’  running Leopard 10.5.3 :) Its just so easy to use.

One thing about Macs is that I do not have to deal too much about viruses as compared to on Windows platform. I switched from my Hackintosh to a newly acquired netbook a few weeks ago, and I had been attacked numerous times by either virus/hackware/malware etc. Luckily I have a good AV installed. It helps lessen the risk. Phew.

I love my Mini and I consider it my main work lappie now, but for ease of use and less headache, can’t beat my Hackintosh. Hmm, maybe I should get myself an Intel Mac too… or convert my Mini to a Hackintosh? Now that’s a thought…

To Win or to Mac?


Our flight was slightly delayed as a result of the compounding effects  due to the fact that the plane that’s supposed to fly us to KB arrived late from somewhere. But boarding was fast and in no time we are off to our destination. The flight? We did encounter some turbulence, but nothing like the one I experience over the Bengal Bay a couple of years back.

KB town is deserted (maybe the MU by-election effect?), so we somehow find it difficult to find a ‘makan’ place in town. It seems that there is not many eating places open around 8pm and KFC (just in front of the hotel) is not at the top of the list when we are in KB. But, the six of us walked on and luckily we find a small (it is small) ‘makan’ place not too far away from the hotel.

It is just re-opening for the night, and quickly we plonked our arse and proceed maindishto order. Hanie ordered some food for us (after all she’s the nutritionist), and some more. We had ‘tomyam’sharpenthespoon(Hanie gives her approval on this),  eggs and veges, ‘mihun sup’ and also fried meehoon (this is mine).

thealiensThe cheap ‘teh-o’ (at just 50  cents had me and Albert taking extras), and the very, very nice fruit juice (just RM1.50) which actually a smoothie in disguise was given the seal of approval by our resident nutritionist. ‘Not too sweet, just nice…’, quipped Hanie.

 discussAfter dinner as we leave the shop, feeling full, we stopped by at the shop next door who are selling local delicacies. ‘Nasi kerabu’ with all its choice of condiments and dishes, ‘kuih akok’, ‘nasi kaya’, buah tanjung and some other local fare.  We ended up with a sampler of everything, just to have a taste of whats’ on offer.

 finallyApparently most of  this ‘kuih’ are made from a few very simple ingredient. Some with flour, most with lots of eggs and importantly, all kinds of sugar, either white, brown or palm sugar and some involves coconut milk. The bottom line, most of the local ‘kuih’ are just… sweet.  So sweet.

To jet or to write?

Like many other, I also have a blog. Well, a few blogs really. Anyway,  I was looking for the easiest way to blog. I mean, to need to be hooked up to the internet before posting any new posts, at times put paid to my train of thought. Well, I do use Text and Wordpad, but it lacks the ability to insert images which would add dimension to the posting.

So, as I was scouring the Net, I stumbled across two blogging standalone software which allows me to post offline and have the function of adding images/albums etc.  I tried both blogging software,  BlogJet and Windows Live Writer. Both software are easily downloadable from the Net.

Writer is free, as part of the Windows Live ( I am writing offline in Writer now) and it allows one to insert hyperlinks/images/photo albums/table and maps (I haven’t  tried all of it yet. BlogJet on the other hand charges a small fee and apparently using FTP to attach images to the posting. Bummer if you don’t have an account. Other than that small difference, both are easy to use. Enjoy!


Live Writer

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'..Fuschia colored rice?'

Overheard at breakfast this morning, which could only mean one thing, that you are in Kelantan. And the fuschia colored rice, is part of the famous ‘Nasi Kerabu’.

When you don't really mean what you say...

At times, we tend to do things that we are not so inclined to do. Let say, we do not like to be at a place, we tell other people about it BUT in the end, we do not do anything about it.

Let say you are in a conference, and by a cruel twist of fate, you meet with some people there. You are invited to sit with them but you think you felt uncomfortable for whatever reason that is. You tell other of your uneasiness, but in the end, you still stay rooted to your company rather than excuse yourself and sit somewhere else or in others company.

So who are you kidding? If you really felt uncomfortable with your current company, just move on. Or do something to save you from that uneasy situation. And do not make such a fuss out of it.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The cloud weeps…

I felt like riding today. But, apparently, God has other plans. Maybe it is His way of telling me to take it easy for a change. You have just started to ride again, not exactly light and that troubled knee of yours, will always remind raindropyou that you are not as young as you would like to think (age is after all, is just a state of mind, kan?)

Thank you. For all that You have given me.

The lone rider

It has been almost two weeks since I last ridden my bike, so once I got myself the newly repaired rims, I plan to ride to work (again). Could say that it is also some sort of training. Monday afternoon is the chosen start day…

Little do I realise that my condition have deteriorated so much that rather than enjoying the ride, it is more like a chore. Needs to remind my legs of how to do it, and I do not think I could easily put on a rain jacket while riding. Not yet anyway, hahaha..

Usually the ride, either way will take, at most 70mins. Yesterday, took an extra 10mins. Well, it could be that it make more sense to gradually increase my speed bit by bit, DSC07167but actually it is as if my legs and my body forgets how to ride more efficiently.

Never mind. The ride this morning feels much better. Even if it still takes an extra few minutes. And the legs still feels funny. Here’s to riding more…

Monday, July 06, 2009

Another weekend, another miss…

Remember when I told you that I broke my spoke, as I was riding home (the front one) and also the back one (as I was riding to office a few days later? Well apparently I have asked my bike shop to do it ASAP, as I do not want to miss my training ride and also planned to ride a last month’s PCM.

Unfortunately, my bike mechanic have some urgent personal matter to attend to the next day, and one day lead to the next. I was needed to travel outstation then and one thing leads to another, before you know it, almost two weeks has passed without a ride.

On Saturday night, I received a SMS from Abg Man. “Isok time biasa kat unikeb. Sepang kita gi.”. And the best thing is, my rims are still in the bike shop. Oops :(

Boohoohoo.. I missed another ride with the Clan. Sepang ride would mean a 100km ride. Bummer. That would be a good training ride for the Ipoh Century Ride.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The black coffee and the hot, round bun

  In the course of my work, at times, I need to travel. I have been to all states on work related travel and this month I was summoned to the northern and southern region. I finally got the chance to travel to Kluang for an event, and it presents me with an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone; work and personal as I planned to meet up with an old friend, who are working there now.

KluangStesenI rendezvous with the rest of the team on the second day (actually its the night of the second day) as I am running a favor for a friend in the capital beforehand. Traveling on a weekday, has it perks, you could choose the best seat in the bus (we only have 11 people on board). I was not feeling sleepy, so I stayed online along the highway.

The 3.5hrs trip was uneventful, and I reached Kluang as the rest of the team finishes their dinner. We stayed at Nagaria Inn which is near to work site. On the way back, Baom briefed me on tomorrow's breakfast plan as apparently the hotel breakfast fare is a bit plain. I'm all for the team plan (but still planned to eat the 'so-called plain' fare).

Way past midnight we are joined by Samba, who are tied with arranging some last minute travel plan to Europe earlier in the day. Can't really sleep that night, which prompted me to work on some other things. Dozed off and woken up for my hotel breakfast - which REALLY is plain. But I am not one to waste food, so, I ate a little bit of everything.

KluangRailThe plan was to eat at the 'original' Kluang Rail Coffee' situated at  where else, Kluang Railway Station. It still retains its old school charm, heck, it looks old-school. Took the customary pictures, and ordered the famous 'kopi' and 'bun bakar' (coffee and toasted buns). The coffee leaves a bitter taste, while strangely complemented by the milk. The buns? What can I say, toasted with 'kaya', with a dollop of butter in between. Result? A winning combination.

I tried to squeeze in a meeting Kopibunwith my an old friend, but the short duration of this visit suggests that its not possible. Maybe next time eh? But at least, I can say this about the Kluang Rail Coffee. Been there, done that.