Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If you can't go the whole way,.. halfway, and ride ;P

One of my big intention is to ride to work more often. There is a multitude of reason why I wanna do that such as its friendlier to the environment (politically correct), I could escape the traffic crawl nearing my office, save money etc. But the main reason for me is, to keep in shape (even though some say, round IS a shape)

The distance from my house to office is..let just say if I ride to and fro daily, hitting 300-400km per week, should be a breeze. I did try riding on alternate days, ie if I drive to office in the morning, I'll make it a point to ride back in the afternoon. And as my car would be parked at office, I do have to ride to office the next day. As it take 1.5hrs on the bike, by 7am I would need to be out of the house already to reach office before my punch card turns red..adoi ngantuknya :P

But then the rainy season and the occasional afternoon meeting seems to wreak havoc with my plans, and have you ever been out of your house at 7am these days? Its still quite dark so for safety reasons (and some other lame reasons, hehe) now, I would drive halfway, and would ride Scotty the other half. That would be 14km in the morning and another 14km in the afternoon.

A 14km, 30mins ride is not that tiring, its refreshing instead. And coming back home, I won't be too tired that make me want to crash and sleep once I get home. This halfway arrangement have been going on for the past two weeks and I guess it has been good. I still get my ride in, and manage to reach office in good time.

I think I'll stick with this arrangement for the time being. At least until I became stronger to start much farther...hehehe. Ceh, mimpi la, lalala..

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Am trying something new..

It has been almost 2 month since I last updated Kakirowing. A certain attachment to FB (that's where all my cronies are at), the time of the year (early in the year are supposedly for planning and strategizing, bla bla bla) and I have been plainly 'malas', hehehe..

So, I scoured the Net and find that one could mobile blog other than Tweet and FV on FB (I could not really understand farming on the Net), so here I am trying mobile blogging using Mail2Blogger. Let see if I can attach a pics too..

Hehe, hopefully it will allow me to update more often, as often as I am on FB and tweeting, lalala..

Til later friends ;P
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