Saturday, June 27, 2009

Can I offer you this piece of 'perut' sir?

One thing about eating is that, I usually do not refuse food (which explains why I manage to pack on 25 kilos in the last 8 years). But then again, eating is a passion in this country, so much so that the celebratory open houses are filled to the brim with food (and people who enjoys food)

Of all the food consumed in my household, there is one thing that I could not bring myself to eat. Its the intestines. Perut or babat or whatever they call it. I guess it started when I chanced on some elders cleaning it up which unfortunately (or fortunately) turns me off.

They assure me that all care have been taken in ensuring its all have been cleaned off, but somehow... Anyway, I am the only one in my family that do not 'enjoy' the occasional 'perut/babat/intestines' so More portion for them I guess.

My (unfounded?) fear of it also stopped me in my tracks today. Somehow, the 'thing' inside the bowl of soup that I ate for lunch, eerily resembles the thing that I could not stomach. Maybe its something else, but I just cant... have been totally ingrained I guess. Even the French banned cow intestines in food, you know :)

Do you have anything that you cant stomach (pun intended) like me?

Another weekend, another miss...

'Salam. Isok sya ke tanjung karang survey route kampung sawah padi. Ada kayuhan bank 11 12 Julai. Jom ikut. Dewa pon ikut. Jam 5 sya gi umah sham. Subuh otw. Bole jumpa kat petronas sg besi jam 530' - Abg Man CIOCC

Messages from the sender is actually highly awaited and it frustrates me when I am unable to follow his group weekend ride due to work, family or some other commitment. The group rides are always fun and he always make sure that everyone, regardless of ability would enjoy the ride as much as he had (I think)

It has been quite some time since I have last ridden with him, but his blog entries never cease to tickle the funny bone (and he has this specially way to wax lyrical of the whole ride thing). If you have the time visit his blog at and who knows, maybe you can join one of his weekly rides.

I know I visited the site often, just to know what have I missed the previous week. Sigh. For one, riding in Tg Karang this weekend would be a great change of scenery. Sigh. Sigh. And more sigh as I won't be able to join. Hmmm...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The thorny issue...

Durian? Its banned from most hotels in this country. The strong smell either endears you to it, or puts you off. But that said, durians or 'King of Fruits' is a favorite among local and expats alike, due to the durian taste, sweet and creamy. That is if you manage to block out the (quite) strong smell.

It is also a seasonal fruit, which explains the occasional high price. But when the season is full under way, the price drops and that is when many took the opportunity to savour the 'King of Fruits'. Burp!! This is the damage done to my stomach, all this 5 durians cost only 5 dollars. Its gonna be a 'heaty' night tonight then...

I still can't differentiate the many kinds of durians... not that it matters anyway :)

The economy of it all...

I have been trying to put as much ride to work possible for the past couple of weeks. The earlier plan is to ride on alternate days, but decided to change the plans a bit. As the team are planning to ride twice a week on weekdays (read here), I am forced to change my driving time to Tues PM and Wed AM, and Thurs PM and Fri AM. The arrangement will allow me to ride with the team, without risking riding back late in the evening.

Anyway, yesterday morning, I broke the spoke on my rear wheel. Fret not, its not because I have trained a lot, but more to the fact that I am currently on the heavy side. I already broke a front wheel spoke a few days earlier (most probably during storage), which means I really do need to send the wheels for repairs and truing. That said, it also means that I need to drive to office for the next few days.

As I was driving this morning, I started to make some calculations. The economy of going to work... by either car, public transport (Komuter/LRT) or cycling. So here is the rough estimation of what does it cost (for me at least) to come to work.

Distance : 35km (70km to and fro)
Time Taken : 40mins (80mins minimum a day)
Cost/day : Fuel (RM7.00), Toll (RM5.60 - RM3.80 to, RM1.80 fro)
Total Cost : on average RM12.60/day

Distance : 10km (from my house to and fro)
Time Taken : 60mins (2hrs minimum per day)
Cost/day : Fuel (RM2.50), Komuter (RM5.80 return), LRT (RM1.40 return)
Total Cost : on average RM9.70/day

Distance : 30km (60km to and fro)
Time Taken : 70mins (2.30hrs per day)
Cost/day : ??
Total cost : other than two bottles of drink? No toll and no petrol needed?

So, in a move to lessen my carbon footprint, I decided to ride to work more often. The cost is minimal (other than the two bottle of cordial drink I mix at home) and I can reach the office before 8am if I start riding at 6:45am. Nothing beats riding in the cool morning :)

Can't wait to ride again...

Read here and here (from CycleFriday and Dino's blog)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Deep hum...

It was funny though, while I was at the train station, it suddenly occurs to me that the drone of the locomotives is kinda'nice'. Not the 'choo, choo' of yesteryear but the sound of a gas guzzling loco. As I was listening to it, the deep, low thumping sound really makes me wants to record it, even if just for the sake of recording it. Some weird way, its soothing. For me at least.

That deep hum, I am unable to explain, but just maybe, the next time I am at the train station, I will record the sound. Just for the sake of recording it.