Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The hardest word to say...

Someone use to say... 'Its easier to apologize that to ask for permission.'

In the bigger scheme of things, all things happen for a reason. At times, the very reason that influences our decision making at a certain moment might be either the the right one, OR the wrong ones. It could seem to be the right choice then, but proves to be the wrong one later or it might seems to be the wrong one at the moment, but in time it would prove to be the best choice at the moment. Such is life.

In my short life in this world, I have been at the intersection of such decision making countless times from making a simple decision of which ice cream flavor to have for dessert up to what course to take in the few universities that I attended and to settle down. To say the least, I have manage to safely chart my course along , with fortunately only a few miscalculated steps, here and there.

In the past few months I have hurt a lot of people with my decision(s) on certain matters. We tend to hurt the people we love most, unfortunately, and in this case I have hurt friends, families and even loved ones are not spared the consequences of my action (decision). I'm not sure whether it would be wise to explain the basis of my action...

Two wrong does not make one right, and it would be next to useless to cry over spilled milk, and debate the wrong (or right) of my decision. Looking back, I do think I could have handled it better if I'd made a different choice, but then again, I'm not so sure whether I'm willing to take the risk to do otherwise.

To all my dearest friends and loved ones... I am sure all of you only want the best for me and wished for my happiness. I have lost quite a number of friends along the way, and to lose any of you would be the last thing to do...

Dear Friends and loved ones,

The easiest and the hardest word to say is "I'M SORRY". How ironic but life's like that. I seek your understanding on the matter and once again, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.