Thursday, January 31, 2013

The story of Scotty and me..

...went a long way back. We have known each other for almost a decade. When I first lay my eyes on Scotty, he was in a corner, lying motionless. You see, he was involved in an accident which leave him badly scarred. I ask my Coach, whether I could take him home, and help him to realise his true calling.

But it was not easy. Even having a normal one would readily put a strain financially, what's more an injured one. But, slowly he starts to resemble Scotty of old. He loves to run, and feel the wind running through his body. And when I finally graduated, I bring him away to be with me. And we have been together ever since. And now, its time to roll. Beam me away, Scotty!

We are on our way to pick up Scotty. He was supposed to be sent away last weekend but the waiting list is longer than expected and could not bear the thought of being away from Scotty over the long weekend. What am I supposed to do in the mornings if Scotty is not around? It would not feel the same.

REALITY CHECK: When I reach KPro, hoping to pick Scotty up, I was told that he have yet to take his bath and scrub. Adoi! Would have to come back tomorrow then..and make some changes to this weekend's plan ;(
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