Saturday, May 03, 2014


A week ago I was looking forward to an easy ride with my Coach. It was supposed to be an easy ride. Little do I know that what happen next was not that easy.

It was nearing the end of a 35km ride, which has been a relatively easy for me (except for the hills which Coach.kills me earlier in the ride). Coming down from PICC, racing towards the parking area. 

As we passed the last traffic lights, we picked up speed, and the competitive nature in me, kicks in. That is the ‎ last thing I remembered. The next thing I know, when I opened my eyes, I was by the roadside, bloodied, bruised and battered. Lying 50m from my parked car.

Can't ‎open my eyes, the right side of my body is aching and sore, and starting to throb. A couple of strangers came over, patch my head up and lead me, treading lightly towards the parked ambulance. My instinct says, 'Not everyday you can take selfie in an ambulance'.

I feel light, transferred from my temporary ride to a bed in Emergency.‎ A bevy of doctors attended to me, gleaming every possible bit of information from the many equipment stuck to me, and from questions when I was not dozing off from the pain. Seriously, I do not remember much.

Cutting short, I am looking forward to my next ride. Definitely after I am free of the bruises and cuts, and when the Missus are agreeable to it. Now, where is my HRM?

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