Saturday, May 03, 2014


A week ago I was looking forward to an easy ride with my Coach. It was supposed to be an easy ride. Little do I know that what happen next was not that easy.

It was nearing the end of a 35km ride, which has been a relatively easy for me (except for the hills which Coach.kills me earlier in the ride). Coming down from PICC, racing towards the parking area. 

As we passed the last traffic lights, we picked up speed, and the competitive nature in me, kicks in. That is the ‎ last thing I remembered. The next thing I know, when I opened my eyes, I was by the roadside, bloodied, bruised and battered. Lying 50m from my parked car.

Can't ‎open my eyes, the right side of my body is aching and sore, and starting to throb. A couple of strangers came over, patch my head up and lead me, treading lightly towards the parked ambulance. My instinct says, 'Not everyday you can take selfie in an ambulance'.

I feel light, transferred from my temporary ride to a bed in Emergency.‎ A bevy of doctors attended to me, gleaming every possible bit of information from the many equipment stuck to me, and from questions when I was not dozing off from the pain. Seriously, I do not remember much.

Cutting short, I am looking forward to my next ride. Definitely after I am free of the bruises and cuts, and when the Missus are agreeable to it. Now, where is my HRM?

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Man proposes, God disposes..

‎It has been a relatively wet week. If rains almost every afternoon, and sometimes mornings too.

The earlier plan, was to put in extra mileage, in ‎addition to the easy weekend ride. So, the idea of alternate ride to and from office seems to be killing two birds with one stone. For one, it is good extra mileage for training and other than that, its good for the environment (less carbon footprint) and pocket (less petrol and toll expenses).

With the week's weather a bit haywire, it put a spanner into the whole plan. When you want to ride, it pours. And when you decide, not to ride, the weather is just fabulous. 

Like today. Back to the drawing board then ;)

Homo proponit, sed Deus disponit

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seize the day

‎Time and tide waits for no man. Or woman.

If you are waiting until the stars and moon and planets are aligned, before embarking ‎on your chosen path or project or workout, you could be waiting a very, very long time. 

‎Just when an inkling of opportunity arise, take it by the horn and just do it.

‎'Carpe Diem'
Performance Solutions
Institut Sukan Negara Malaysia

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

With every drive..

I have not set foot here for more than a dozen years. 2001 is that year. That year the second year of my involvement with the national team, after being introduced to the sport in my first year at uni. That is also the year that a knee injury put an end to my sporting dream.

it is not the most popular of sports, but the challenges is very different. Different requirements. Different techniques, different technology. On different environment.


Oh, did you know that I could not even swim? And the sport does not even use life jackets?

But nothing beats the gliding of the boat on a windless, cast day, on water as still as glass, with each drop of water falling off the blades creating mini ripples not unlike the breadcrumbs of lore. And the mechanical sound of the oar collar, twisted at the gate, right before we slide our seat forward is as reassuring as it is crude.

Love. Fear.

Feels like I am falling in love again. Should be working on loving all things about rowing, all over again. After all, it is also hard work to love something. Or someone.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The story of Scotty and me..

...went a long way back. We have known each other for almost a decade. When I first lay my eyes on Scotty, he was in a corner, lying motionless. You see, he was involved in an accident which leave him badly scarred. I ask my Coach, whether I could take him home, and help him to realise his true calling.

But it was not easy. Even having a normal one would readily put a strain financially, what's more an injured one. But, slowly he starts to resemble Scotty of old. He loves to run, and feel the wind running through his body. And when I finally graduated, I bring him away to be with me. And we have been together ever since. And now, its time to roll. Beam me away, Scotty!

We are on our way to pick up Scotty. He was supposed to be sent away last weekend but the waiting list is longer than expected and could not bear the thought of being away from Scotty over the long weekend. What am I supposed to do in the mornings if Scotty is not around? It would not feel the same.

REALITY CHECK: When I reach KPro, hoping to pick Scotty up, I was told that he have yet to take his bath and scrub. Adoi! Would have to come back tomorrow then..and make some changes to this weekend's plan ;(
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's your 'watts'?

Today I had the opportunity to ride the WattBike in the office. That could easily be added as one other training mechanism or cross training that I could try in reaching my target next year. The first ride reading is as follows:

Length: 30:00
Ave Power: 106W
Peak Power : 634W
Cadence : 70rpm
Distance : 14559m
Ave Speed : 29.1kmh
L% / R% : 47 / 53

The readings confirmed my suspicion that power application from the left and right leg is slightly imbalanced. Need to work more on balancing the figures then ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

The rush starts again

Like all good things, it must end sometimes. After a two week of bliss on the road (that includes actually going out of the house at 0745), the start of new school term means going out by latest 0715, send the little princess to school on time and still reach office before 0830hrs, while expecting a lot of cars on the road.

Aargghhh! Finally manage to get out only at 0720, rushed to school and onwards to the office. Traffic report on radio strangely did not list my usual route as jammed up, but highway notice stated so. Phew, heavy traffic but manageable and managed to clock in before the red mark ;)

Now...where can I park?