Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth (at least for 2008)

The XXIX Beijing Olympics 2008 has lowered its curtain last weekend in a spectacle of lights, sight and sound. With 43 world records and 120 Olympic records are broken during the Games, two of its most memorable performances are of Jamaica's sprint king, Bolt and United States swim king, Phelps.

As for the nation, we are left wanting yet again for our first Olympic gold medal. Not even an incentive of a million dollars could motivate enough the athletes to come up with gold. In archery, and track cycling we have athletes who could give a good fight but the mountain are too high it seems.

Congratulations to badminton, especially to LCW for winning the silver. the doubles are left wanting but they have been erratic of late so to pin hope on them would be a tad foolish. PocketRocketMan gives his all but then again, the cycling gods must be laughing, playing a cruel bet when they pit him against Hoy in the sprints. Tough luck, mate!

Here's to the next four years of preparation and towards London 2012.

Monday, August 25, 2008

When you get things for free...

In my line of work, we are entrusted with the management of a facility, which at times are used by other parties either for scientific purposes or just recreational. We often times do not charged for this facilities as we like to think that the facilities are for most of us to utilise and not really to make any profit out of it.

It so happens that last weekend one of the NSA has applied to utilise the facility, for its so called National Championships. This group of people had a few times utilises the facility, so on good faith we acknowledge and approved, notwithstanding a report on the last usage where they failed to keep the house in order.

This morning I got a shock when I checked the venue. Rubbish and half bottles of mineral water are strewn everywhere. Ciggy butts are visible. Needless to say, even if it was an individual doing, the NSA should have taken the necessary steps to inform and remind the participants of the facilities do's and dont's.

Most people take other people kindness for granted. We only thought of the kind things we do for other, and the return expected. When you got things for free, sometimes you do not value it enough. Needless to say, the NSA will be in our BLACKLIST.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Third Year Itch

I have something to confess. At every third year, I would have some kind of itch. Not the scratchy kind but its no less disruptive. I became restless and at times, work will take a back seat. I crave new challenges. I need a change.

When I was working in a financial institution years back, the first three years was very challenging. then once The Project finishes, I seek newer challenges which I fortunately found in sports. I participated in national level championship, and went to the gym almost everyday. I find solace in the physical activities. 

That is how I survive another three years in the bank. At the end of that three year, I feel the need to find something new, which prompts me to continue my studies in economics at a university when the opportunity arise.

Fast forward to the present time. It has been three years since I joined this organization. It has been a very challenging environment, but somehow I feel that something is missing lately. Maybe I need some new challenges. Or just a break from my routine. Maybe I need to DO just that.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Busy storks and wedding bells...

The past few months of May, June and July has kept the storks busy. A few of my colleague and friends welcomed the newest member to their family, some their firstborn, and for some its the latest addition. Hmm, it makes one wonder what is so special about the month of September and October :) Neither its the rainy season, nor traditionally its not the school holidays :P

The month of July and August also seems to be the favorite month to tie the knot. Especially this year, some people are bent on getting married on one specific date, August 8, which numerically written as 08.08.08, which for the Chinese is an auspicious date. Even someone really close to me, chose to tie the knot on THAT day. Ceh! Takut lupa tarikh anniversary ke?

Congratulations to Hill-Me, Farge-Are, Samba, East, Are You, Marsh on the first/latest addition to your family. I hope they all will grow up to be a highly successful person, and make all of you a very proud parent.

To Ace-is, Wadic, Irnie and WaNi, good luck on the next chapter of your life. Do not forget, being married is not only filled with having a sleeping partner, honeymoons, holding hands and walking into the sunset, but also with diaper duties, disturbed sleep, increased responsibilities, sacrifices and lots of understanding.