Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Looking East

The recent trip to the East Coast state of Terengganu (and Kelantan) is a bit easy on the pocket, especially on the 'makan' part. Once we checked in, we got lost (disoriented, hehe) looking for the nearest town, to have something to eat. We took a wrong turn and entered Kelantan... oops!

Once we realised we are heading the wrong way, we turned back and chanced upon a 'makan' place off the road. As it was almost 6pm, we opt for roti canai, roti telur, teh-o and iced milo. The curry tasted extra nice, and the portion are OK. The price? Its very nice on the pocket. Total cost? RM3.50, hehe..

The next day, breakfast at the hotel are OK but most probably due to the small number of people staying there, only small selection are available. So, we stuff ourselves up (its buffet), and off we go. It was a ho-hum affair, up til lunch. I finally found the way to nearby town, but its busy. Looked for a car wash, but the one I dropped in, costs a bomb. Sorry sir, maybe next time. 

Luckily I had lunch already and it was really cheap (IMHO). I had chicken rice and iced tea and it only cost me, RM2.90. The iced tea is RM1 and the chicken rice is only RM1.90. I can't even get a plate of chicken rice here for RM3.00. If I had iced tea-o instead, the whole meal would be cheaper, only costing RM2.40. As for the portion, look for yourself..

For dinner later that night, felt like eating seafood, but cancelled it as it wont be as fun eating alone. It should be cheap though as it is a coastal town. Bummer. Anyway, I went to the hotel's restaurant, and pore over their offerings. Hotel prices, so it should be a bit expensive, but I opted for western fare instead, black pepper chicken chop. Can't help it as I felt the price is quite cheap. It'll only set me back RM6.00 (and that is the actual hotel pricing)...

The next day, stuffed myself on Malaysia's favorite, Nasi Lemak, which sustained me the whole day. I don't even feel hungry til late afternoon. The anchovy sambal is very nice. And the orange juice, complements it (somehow). We go back around 2pm, using the coastal route and it took us longer as there are more traffic (and traffic light, hehe)

Once in Kemaman, i remembered why I haven't been to a particular 'makan' shop of late. Its a bit on the pricey side, as each satar costs RM0.50 (compared to RM0.25/pc in my hometown). The damage done to my pocket for a bowl of nasi air and curry beehoon, a glass of syrup and iced tea? Grand total of RM10. Ouch.

Mental note: DO NOT go to that shop again.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Sometimes, it amazes me that a solution to a problem is so obvious, that we tend to overlook it.

Among the numerous meetings that i need to attend, is the management meeting. We met once a month, where top dogs meet us (supposedly middle dogs) to either share or seek information, delegate jobs or to discuss on pressing management matters. Due to the nature of the matters discussed, it not uncommon for the meeting to take more that a few hours.

In one of these meeting a couple of months back, our accountant updates the quorum that we are having difficulty to convince a few director's from a sister agency to agree to our suggestion with regards to financial matters, which we propose that we handle rather than them (due to our expertise and contacts on the matter). Our accountant were advised by their accountant to seek approval from individual 'reluctant' directors to expedite things.

Some of our director shares info that the CEO of that agency had agreed in principle (in another meeting) that we handles the accounts, but apparently the information has not got down to his directors. Our CEO asks the accountant, on the next course of action, which stumped him. 

He professed of not knowing how to further pursue the matter. Some of our directors chipped in and gives either well meaning suggestion or just pouring fire into the already tense situation. Pity that guy :)

I found it funny when the solution is so obvious. I raised my hand and suggested that our CEO wrote to the other CEO, explaining our stand and seek his agreement to the proposal (which he already agreed in principle). Get approval in writing, and make it a top-bottom directive from their CEO to the 'reluctant' agency directors.

Now, we're getting somewhere.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Tom Yum anyone?

Last Sunday, after our meeting, we discussed next on our favorite topic, where to eat. As we were in the vicinity of Tt.wangsa, A.boy suggested to go to Kg.baru to get some rice porridge. The cold weather (its just after the rain) conjures up images of hot rice porridge, to which all of us agreed to it...

But before we drove off, suddenly A.boy stop by the roadside, and suggested Mas.z place instead. A few calls were made, and off we go. I tried to locate Mas.z restaurant last nite but, asking Pet for direction is akin to not asking at all, so this would finally satisfy my curiosity to the whereabouts of her shop.

A.boy knows the place well, and he took us on the longer route as some road was flooded. We reached the place and A.boy, Pet and Kell proceeded to order. Mas.z was not at the shop, but we asked Angel to pick her up on her way to the restaurant, knowing her that most probably she'll get lost on the way...hahaha!

So-oo, what do we ordered? We had rice, 'tomyam campur', 'ayam gajus', 'kailan ikan masin' and 'daging bakar thahara'., while having its 'Thahara Tomyam' signature mango juice. The portion was quite big, and reasonably priced. This is what we had...

this is what's left afterwards... habis licin semuanya, hehehe.

Will definitely have to come again to Thahara Tomyam :)

How low can you go?

My RHR is 45. 

I'm not so sure if its truly 45 or the F6 is playing a (mean) trick on me. I was pretty sure that my 'fat' RHR should be around 60 or in the high 50s, but not 45 (i even manage to get 42). Hmm, this need more investigation. Maybe I'll repeat it over a few days.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Usually, once the warranty is over...

My Polar had a tendency to 'hang' at the most unfortunate moments.

The last time it 'hangs', I need to take it back to MV, to get it returned to its service centre. To my surprise, the salesperson asks me to send it in myself, which I am a bit reluctant to do as the HRM is still under warranty period (actually, I do not have any idea where the service centre is located)

So I insist they (the shop) to send it in, to which he explain that it may take up to 3 weeks to be returned. I do not have any problem with that, and I arranged for him to call me once its ready. True enough, 3 weeks later, the sales rep called me and informs me that my Polar HRM is ready.

Then it happen. Again yesterday, as I was on my weekend ride, my Polar 'hangs'. Tried pushing all the buttons, to no avail. Do I need to send it in again? Hmm... where do I put the Polar box and receipt? "Sure kena charge punya la ni...", as I'm quite sure that the warranty period has lapsed. Hmm, what to do?

Later last night, I took the HRM, look at it and decided to do a bit of troubleshooting. Looked for my precision screwdriver set and proceeded to open the back of that HRM. Took the LCD out, take out and reinserted the battery, push a few buttons, and lo and behold, it resets... yahoo!

My Polar F6 HRM is now alive and kicking.

Its a long, slow journey

My numbers for today are 94.4. Sure looks not too promising. It seems like that I need to play dirty...