Monday, April 07, 2008

Tom Yum anyone?

Last Sunday, after our meeting, we discussed next on our favorite topic, where to eat. As we were in the vicinity of Tt.wangsa, A.boy suggested to go to Kg.baru to get some rice porridge. The cold weather (its just after the rain) conjures up images of hot rice porridge, to which all of us agreed to it...

But before we drove off, suddenly A.boy stop by the roadside, and suggested Mas.z place instead. A few calls were made, and off we go. I tried to locate Mas.z restaurant last nite but, asking Pet for direction is akin to not asking at all, so this would finally satisfy my curiosity to the whereabouts of her shop.

A.boy knows the place well, and he took us on the longer route as some road was flooded. We reached the place and A.boy, Pet and Kell proceeded to order. Mas.z was not at the shop, but we asked Angel to pick her up on her way to the restaurant, knowing her that most probably she'll get lost on the way...hahaha!

So-oo, what do we ordered? We had rice, 'tomyam campur', 'ayam gajus', 'kailan ikan masin' and 'daging bakar thahara'., while having its 'Thahara Tomyam' signature mango juice. The portion was quite big, and reasonably priced. This is what we had...

this is what's left afterwards... habis licin semuanya, hehehe.

Will definitely have to come again to Thahara Tomyam :)

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