Thursday, June 30, 2005

Its All About... TRUST!

Have you ever been in a relationship and ended up feeling suffocated by the other party?

We welcome a new staff a fortnight back. Even if I have not been here long, Scoob is a welcomed addition. OK, OK.. I'd still welcome any Tom, Dick and Harry but for a lady, the welcome is more 'sincere' and 'straight from the heart'...hehehe.

She could really make head turn, not away in disgust but more in awe. Scoob's quite tall, fair, affable, has an infectious laughter and got curves at the right places (I'm truly a weak person) to top it all off. She has a sporting background which explains her easygoing nature. Hey, she manage to get on fairly well with us in her first week. But then again, it could be us, the all accomodating colleague :)

But later on, we started notice something about her. She hardly stays back after work, whereas the nature of our work often starts after 5pm and at times all thru the weekends. It made us (OK la, its me really) to wonder, what its all about. She told us that she's unattached, but I sense that is not the case. Scoob displays all the symptom of a victim of LOTUS or Lack of Trust and Understanding Syndrome (at times known as jealousy..).

Thru Big Sis, we learn of her predicament. Apparently, her other half seems to be this clingy, insecure, jealous type of bloke. He calls on her often, questioning her every move, demanding her to go back after office hours soonest possible etc. Sheesh, thank God I'm not in a relationship at this moment. I don't think being a Sagitarrian, I would survive..or rather, the relationship would survive. I am too much of a free spirit to be chained down.

I guess its all about trust AND insecurity. Maybe he doesn't trust her... but she has not done anything wrong yet so i would think that this could be a severe case of insecurity. He is feeling insecure about the relationship so he imposes all these conditions and restrictions on her. She is pretty, and not without her own admirers. With a girlfriend like that, it could be a little unnerving... especially if you are a bit insecure. Poor guy. For the love of God, she loves you man. Take that as a compliment :P

But then again, the little devil in my head said, '...or HE could be having a tryst or a relationship with some other girl, and while trying to cover his tracks, are afraid that Scoob might do the same to him'. Hmm, that's a valid point to ponder. Anyway, hoping the best for you Scoob :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

After The Rain...

The sky is cast and dark today. It started to drizzle as I went out of my house and grew heavier by the minute. It reminds me of England. As it was late, I choose to take the highway as I can reach the office in a jiffy. The drive feels slow... Urgh! Luckily there's not too many cars on the road. Maybe the rain has something to do with it.

As I was nearing my office, the rain starts to clear up and the sky seems a bit brighter. 'Hmm, maybe it's not raining there..' I think loudly '... no need to use the umbrella then'. True enough, its not raining there... and the carpark are empty. Ha! This morning is getting better. FYI, for the past 1.5 week, i have to park my car by the field and its quite far. Today, i can even choose my parking space... hehehe.

As I walk to the office, the air is cool, the sun is peeking over the cloud and I saw a beautiful sight. A rainbow.

The rainbow has never fails to lift my spirit. After the gloom of the rain, the colourful rainbow signals a bright day to come. The beauty of its seven band of colours represent the kaleidoscope of life. But most importantly, for me, it signifies hope. Hope of better things, for the future. Hope I can do well in The Battle up North, hehehe...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

One down, hundreds more to go...

The Competitor called just now. Can't really make out the reason he called. Is it to gloat or is it to taunt? Between us, we know each other too well. The line between gloat, taunt and compliment blurs. It could be some sort of psychological warfare which both of us are aware of.

He asked me whether I am really going for The Battle up North. I sense a smirk coming. I know he have been training these past few weeks, sneaking the occasional ride and run (even during the trip to the East). For sure, he's been on the Torture Machine yesterday, for a long workout before coming over for 'The Science of Lance'. What mind games is he trying to play now...

'Bon, you going to The Battle up North later this month?'.
'Uhm, yup.. why?' I answered.
'I won't be able to do battle with you...' he replied curtly, ' I'm part of the Battle Council, me being the Warlord of Torture. They summon me to be on their side'. He sounded a bit frustrated. Or is he really?
I wonder. 'Can't you do something about it?' I asked.
'Not at this moment.. I'm going for the Battle Council meeting later tonight. I'll see what I can do'. His forced laugh sounds hollow. 'I still hope to do battle with you..."

Should I be dancing over this 'good news'? I'm not so sure. Last year's battle was bloody, time posted was respectable. Even if I used to post time in the low 6:30s, but I was 14kg lighter then. The outlook is not so rosy after all.

This will deinitely leave bodies splayed on the ground....

Training beckons...

I had promised myself to train for The Battle up North and The Southern War as soon as possible. I'm not trying to find excuses but it seems like any effort to train for those two events had inadvertedly been thwarted by a steady flow of work this past few days. Last week, I was out of town for a field trip and while hoping to log in a few measly miles in-between, the truth is... I was feasting (and relaxing) all week long. The situation was not helped by the abundance of durians, mangosteen, pineapple and watermelons AND the relatively cheap food...hehehe :)

I'm supposed to test the newly refurbished treadmill today (and give UAkrab the benefit of a doubt) but a colleague asks for a favour during lunch hour. How could I say NO, right? So in the end, the 'testing' cum training would have to be postponed til tomorrow. It sure is hard to start a training regime, but I'm pretty sure once its on its way, there's no turning back. Have to give The Competitor a run for his money. He's been avoiding me lately. Maybe he has been putting some meters in...

Hmm... where did I put that gym card of mine?... I'll put in my workout soon!

Monday, June 27, 2005

The Science of...

Today I stayed back in the office til 9pm. Not that its the usual busy day as I usually found myself nodding off at my table right after lunch. It must have something to do with today being a Monday... NOT! The reason being? A documentary on Discovery Channel aptly titled 'The Science of Lance Armstrong'.

I first got to know about Lance in 1999, the first year he won the Tour de France, one of the three Grand Tours of the cycling world. That and the fact that Jerry flew all the way to the States to buy an off the peg Trek 5200 which was the same bike used by Lance during the '99 TdF. At that time, I was just amazed at how could someone spend almost the equivalent of the price of a Kancil and one would still have to pedal it. But then I learned about the man on the bike and boy, was I hooked on cycling since (but a certain water sport remained my first love... I even broke off with the girl of my dream over it but that's another story)

Three years before in 96, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer which unfortunately, has spread to his lungs and brains. The battle against cancer and prejudice are well documented in 'Its Not About The Bike' by Sally Jenkins, if I'm not mistaken. Since then, his life had been the subject of scrutiny on and off the bike, more so since then he had attained a legend status by winning the TdF sixth time in a row. This year he is going for number seven... another one of that 23 days racing, all over France? Hehehe, he must be a little bit crazy upstairs :P

The science of Lance is not that complicated though. It is his attention to detail formthe foundation of his success... and working well along the limits of human performance (and also that almost superhuman strength generated by his once cancer ravaged body). I hope I can emulate him... hehehe, at least for the upcoming The Battle up North and The Southern Wars next month :) I must devise some strategy to make sure that The Competitor does not finish in front of me in both events.

Need to start working out tomorrow then... I must. I must. I MUS... zzZZZZZZ

Monday, June 20, 2005

Its Been A Long, Long Time

Today had started very early. I'm already up by 4.45am. Still feeling the aftermath of yesterday's race. Dehydrated with a little bit of frustration. Can't really sleep. It's funny, though, how'd you feel invincible when you're winning but really, really tired when you're soundly defeated. Some of my crew are taking it quite bad. So its kinda ironic when they ask me, how'd I'm able to take it ever so calmly...

"Its easy if you put it into perspective... True, I have never been defeated at this level. But on the other hand, at the highest level, internationally, I have had my fair share of disappointment..." I replied. "Its all parts and parcel of the game. Its how you bounce back that's most important "

Sigh. Defeat still hurts, however you tried to put it into perspective. Nonetheless, maybe I had not been preparing as well as I should have. But even in my state of unreadiness, my crew are worse. But then, thats another story. It is often said, we will only get what we are willing to work for, so even if I'm willing to work my ass-off for the race, apparently it is not the same with my crew. They are still... 'dreaming' of their past achievements. Nothing come easy these days...

For me, at this exact moment, I'm just a bit tired. I should be OK in a few days time...