Monday, June 27, 2005

The Science of...

Today I stayed back in the office til 9pm. Not that its the usual busy day as I usually found myself nodding off at my table right after lunch. It must have something to do with today being a Monday... NOT! The reason being? A documentary on Discovery Channel aptly titled 'The Science of Lance Armstrong'.

I first got to know about Lance in 1999, the first year he won the Tour de France, one of the three Grand Tours of the cycling world. That and the fact that Jerry flew all the way to the States to buy an off the peg Trek 5200 which was the same bike used by Lance during the '99 TdF. At that time, I was just amazed at how could someone spend almost the equivalent of the price of a Kancil and one would still have to pedal it. But then I learned about the man on the bike and boy, was I hooked on cycling since (but a certain water sport remained my first love... I even broke off with the girl of my dream over it but that's another story)

Three years before in 96, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer which unfortunately, has spread to his lungs and brains. The battle against cancer and prejudice are well documented in 'Its Not About The Bike' by Sally Jenkins, if I'm not mistaken. Since then, his life had been the subject of scrutiny on and off the bike, more so since then he had attained a legend status by winning the TdF sixth time in a row. This year he is going for number seven... another one of that 23 days racing, all over France? Hehehe, he must be a little bit crazy upstairs :P

The science of Lance is not that complicated though. It is his attention to detail formthe foundation of his success... and working well along the limits of human performance (and also that almost superhuman strength generated by his once cancer ravaged body). I hope I can emulate him... hehehe, at least for the upcoming The Battle up North and The Southern Wars next month :) I must devise some strategy to make sure that The Competitor does not finish in front of me in both events.

Need to start working out tomorrow then... I must. I must. I MUS... zzZZZZZZ

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