Thursday, June 30, 2005

Its All About... TRUST!

Have you ever been in a relationship and ended up feeling suffocated by the other party?

We welcome a new staff a fortnight back. Even if I have not been here long, Scoob is a welcomed addition. OK, OK.. I'd still welcome any Tom, Dick and Harry but for a lady, the welcome is more 'sincere' and 'straight from the heart'...hehehe.

She could really make head turn, not away in disgust but more in awe. Scoob's quite tall, fair, affable, has an infectious laughter and got curves at the right places (I'm truly a weak person) to top it all off. She has a sporting background which explains her easygoing nature. Hey, she manage to get on fairly well with us in her first week. But then again, it could be us, the all accomodating colleague :)

But later on, we started notice something about her. She hardly stays back after work, whereas the nature of our work often starts after 5pm and at times all thru the weekends. It made us (OK la, its me really) to wonder, what its all about. She told us that she's unattached, but I sense that is not the case. Scoob displays all the symptom of a victim of LOTUS or Lack of Trust and Understanding Syndrome (at times known as jealousy..).

Thru Big Sis, we learn of her predicament. Apparently, her other half seems to be this clingy, insecure, jealous type of bloke. He calls on her often, questioning her every move, demanding her to go back after office hours soonest possible etc. Sheesh, thank God I'm not in a relationship at this moment. I don't think being a Sagitarrian, I would survive..or rather, the relationship would survive. I am too much of a free spirit to be chained down.

I guess its all about trust AND insecurity. Maybe he doesn't trust her... but she has not done anything wrong yet so i would think that this could be a severe case of insecurity. He is feeling insecure about the relationship so he imposes all these conditions and restrictions on her. She is pretty, and not without her own admirers. With a girlfriend like that, it could be a little unnerving... especially if you are a bit insecure. Poor guy. For the love of God, she loves you man. Take that as a compliment :P

But then again, the little devil in my head said, '...or HE could be having a tryst or a relationship with some other girl, and while trying to cover his tracks, are afraid that Scoob might do the same to him'. Hmm, that's a valid point to ponder. Anyway, hoping the best for you Scoob :)

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