Wednesday, June 29, 2005

After The Rain...

The sky is cast and dark today. It started to drizzle as I went out of my house and grew heavier by the minute. It reminds me of England. As it was late, I choose to take the highway as I can reach the office in a jiffy. The drive feels slow... Urgh! Luckily there's not too many cars on the road. Maybe the rain has something to do with it.

As I was nearing my office, the rain starts to clear up and the sky seems a bit brighter. 'Hmm, maybe it's not raining there..' I think loudly '... no need to use the umbrella then'. True enough, its not raining there... and the carpark are empty. Ha! This morning is getting better. FYI, for the past 1.5 week, i have to park my car by the field and its quite far. Today, i can even choose my parking space... hehehe.

As I walk to the office, the air is cool, the sun is peeking over the cloud and I saw a beautiful sight. A rainbow.

The rainbow has never fails to lift my spirit. After the gloom of the rain, the colourful rainbow signals a bright day to come. The beauty of its seven band of colours represent the kaleidoscope of life. But most importantly, for me, it signifies hope. Hope of better things, for the future. Hope I can do well in The Battle up North, hehehe...

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