Monday, April 21, 2008


Sometimes, it amazes me that a solution to a problem is so obvious, that we tend to overlook it.

Among the numerous meetings that i need to attend, is the management meeting. We met once a month, where top dogs meet us (supposedly middle dogs) to either share or seek information, delegate jobs or to discuss on pressing management matters. Due to the nature of the matters discussed, it not uncommon for the meeting to take more that a few hours.

In one of these meeting a couple of months back, our accountant updates the quorum that we are having difficulty to convince a few director's from a sister agency to agree to our suggestion with regards to financial matters, which we propose that we handle rather than them (due to our expertise and contacts on the matter). Our accountant were advised by their accountant to seek approval from individual 'reluctant' directors to expedite things.

Some of our director shares info that the CEO of that agency had agreed in principle (in another meeting) that we handles the accounts, but apparently the information has not got down to his directors. Our CEO asks the accountant, on the next course of action, which stumped him. 

He professed of not knowing how to further pursue the matter. Some of our directors chipped in and gives either well meaning suggestion or just pouring fire into the already tense situation. Pity that guy :)

I found it funny when the solution is so obvious. I raised my hand and suggested that our CEO wrote to the other CEO, explaining our stand and seek his agreement to the proposal (which he already agreed in principle). Get approval in writing, and make it a top-bottom directive from their CEO to the 'reluctant' agency directors.

Now, we're getting somewhere.

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