Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth (at least for 2008)

The XXIX Beijing Olympics 2008 has lowered its curtain last weekend in a spectacle of lights, sight and sound. With 43 world records and 120 Olympic records are broken during the Games, two of its most memorable performances are of Jamaica's sprint king, Bolt and United States swim king, Phelps.

As for the nation, we are left wanting yet again for our first Olympic gold medal. Not even an incentive of a million dollars could motivate enough the athletes to come up with gold. In archery, and track cycling we have athletes who could give a good fight but the mountain are too high it seems.

Congratulations to badminton, especially to LCW for winning the silver. the doubles are left wanting but they have been erratic of late so to pin hope on them would be a tad foolish. PocketRocketMan gives his all but then again, the cycling gods must be laughing, playing a cruel bet when they pit him against Hoy in the sprints. Tough luck, mate!

Here's to the next four years of preparation and towards London 2012.

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