Monday, September 01, 2008

Hitam it is then...

After a few months hiatus, now its on again. Once it was thought that the UPSI projects are heading to the bin, it was revived with a meeting just before the fasting months. Discussion on the Net was furious, with the performance scaled down from a full fledged play, to a 45 min dekon.

Last weekend, a few people got together at our alma mater, and discussed more on the matter (and also for the selection of the script and actors). Kell, Pet, Masz, Wynn and myself meet with Ayrie, our friend from UPSI. The script were down to three, either Hitam, Penantian and another one which I cant really remember. In the end, Hitam was chosen.

As for the production, I was offered the director's chair, which I decline. So, Kell is now the director. We toyed with the idea of challenging Wynn by offering her the role of Juwita, and Masz to play Sarah. Pet, offers himself to be Hitam, the cat. And, it was a stroke of genius to call and offer Mal the role of the playboy Farouk, which some quarters said are based on him, hehehe.

Once that is settled, we draw up training schedule and discussed on production need. As of today, they have started training (great), which I haven't had the chance to join. Hopefully, next week, I'll drop by. Good luck guys. This shows what a few people with the extra resolve, could achieve. Onward...

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