Saturday, June 27, 2009

Can I offer you this piece of 'perut' sir?

One thing about eating is that, I usually do not refuse food (which explains why I manage to pack on 25 kilos in the last 8 years). But then again, eating is a passion in this country, so much so that the celebratory open houses are filled to the brim with food (and people who enjoys food)

Of all the food consumed in my household, there is one thing that I could not bring myself to eat. Its the intestines. Perut or babat or whatever they call it. I guess it started when I chanced on some elders cleaning it up which unfortunately (or fortunately) turns me off.

They assure me that all care have been taken in ensuring its all have been cleaned off, but somehow... Anyway, I am the only one in my family that do not 'enjoy' the occasional 'perut/babat/intestines' so More portion for them I guess.

My (unfounded?) fear of it also stopped me in my tracks today. Somehow, the 'thing' inside the bowl of soup that I ate for lunch, eerily resembles the thing that I could not stomach. Maybe its something else, but I just cant... have been totally ingrained I guess. Even the French banned cow intestines in food, you know :)

Do you have anything that you cant stomach (pun intended) like me?

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