Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The black coffee and the hot, round bun

  In the course of my work, at times, I need to travel. I have been to all states on work related travel and this month I was summoned to the northern and southern region. I finally got the chance to travel to Kluang for an event, and it presents me with an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone; work and personal as I planned to meet up with an old friend, who are working there now.

KluangStesenI rendezvous with the rest of the team on the second day (actually its the night of the second day) as I am running a favor for a friend in the capital beforehand. Traveling on a weekday, has it perks, you could choose the best seat in the bus (we only have 11 people on board). I was not feeling sleepy, so I stayed online along the highway.

The 3.5hrs trip was uneventful, and I reached Kluang as the rest of the team finishes their dinner. We stayed at Nagaria Inn which is near to work site. On the way back, Baom briefed me on tomorrow's breakfast plan as apparently the hotel breakfast fare is a bit plain. I'm all for the team plan (but still planned to eat the 'so-called plain' fare).

Way past midnight we are joined by Samba, who are tied with arranging some last minute travel plan to Europe earlier in the day. Can't really sleep that night, which prompted me to work on some other things. Dozed off and woken up for my hotel breakfast - which REALLY is plain. But I am not one to waste food, so, I ate a little bit of everything.

KluangRailThe plan was to eat at the 'original' Kluang Rail Coffee' situated at  where else, Kluang Railway Station. It still retains its old school charm, heck, it looks old-school. Took the customary pictures, and ordered the famous 'kopi' and 'bun bakar' (coffee and toasted buns). The coffee leaves a bitter taste, while strangely complemented by the milk. The buns? What can I say, toasted with 'kaya', with a dollop of butter in between. Result? A winning combination.

I tried to squeeze in a meeting Kopibunwith my an old friend, but the short duration of this visit suggests that its not possible. Maybe next time eh? But at least, I can say this about the Kluang Rail Coffee. Been there, done that.

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