Monday, July 06, 2009

Another weekend, another miss…

Remember when I told you that I broke my spoke, as I was riding home (the front one) and also the back one (as I was riding to office a few days later? Well apparently I have asked my bike shop to do it ASAP, as I do not want to miss my training ride and also planned to ride a last month’s PCM.

Unfortunately, my bike mechanic have some urgent personal matter to attend to the next day, and one day lead to the next. I was needed to travel outstation then and one thing leads to another, before you know it, almost two weeks has passed without a ride.

On Saturday night, I received a SMS from Abg Man. “Isok time biasa kat unikeb. Sepang kita gi.”. And the best thing is, my rims are still in the bike shop. Oops :(

Boohoohoo.. I missed another ride with the Clan. Sepang ride would mean a 100km ride. Bummer. That would be a good training ride for the Ipoh Century Ride.

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