Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The lone rider

It has been almost two weeks since I last ridden my bike, so once I got myself the newly repaired rims, I plan to ride to work (again). Could say that it is also some sort of training. Monday afternoon is the chosen start day…

Little do I realise that my condition have deteriorated so much that rather than enjoying the ride, it is more like a chore. Needs to remind my legs of how to do it, and I do not think I could easily put on a rain jacket while riding. Not yet anyway, hahaha..

Usually the ride, either way will take, at most 70mins. Yesterday, took an extra 10mins. Well, it could be that it make more sense to gradually increase my speed bit by bit, DSC07167but actually it is as if my legs and my body forgets how to ride more efficiently.

Never mind. The ride this morning feels much better. Even if it still takes an extra few minutes. And the legs still feels funny. Here’s to riding more…

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