Thursday, July 16, 2009


Our flight was slightly delayed as a result of the compounding effects  due to the fact that the plane that’s supposed to fly us to KB arrived late from somewhere. But boarding was fast and in no time we are off to our destination. The flight? We did encounter some turbulence, but nothing like the one I experience over the Bengal Bay a couple of years back.

KB town is deserted (maybe the MU by-election effect?), so we somehow find it difficult to find a ‘makan’ place in town. It seems that there is not many eating places open around 8pm and KFC (just in front of the hotel) is not at the top of the list when we are in KB. But, the six of us walked on and luckily we find a small (it is small) ‘makan’ place not too far away from the hotel.

It is just re-opening for the night, and quickly we plonked our arse and proceed maindishto order. Hanie ordered some food for us (after all she’s the nutritionist), and some more. We had ‘tomyam’sharpenthespoon(Hanie gives her approval on this),  eggs and veges, ‘mihun sup’ and also fried meehoon (this is mine).

thealiensThe cheap ‘teh-o’ (at just 50  cents had me and Albert taking extras), and the very, very nice fruit juice (just RM1.50) which actually a smoothie in disguise was given the seal of approval by our resident nutritionist. ‘Not too sweet, just nice…’, quipped Hanie.

 discussAfter dinner as we leave the shop, feeling full, we stopped by at the shop next door who are selling local delicacies. ‘Nasi kerabu’ with all its choice of condiments and dishes, ‘kuih akok’, ‘nasi kaya’, buah tanjung and some other local fare.  We ended up with a sampler of everything, just to have a taste of whats’ on offer.

 finallyApparently most of  this ‘kuih’ are made from a few very simple ingredient. Some with flour, most with lots of eggs and importantly, all kinds of sugar, either white, brown or palm sugar and some involves coconut milk. The bottom line, most of the local ‘kuih’ are just… sweet.  So sweet.

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