Thursday, July 16, 2009

To jet or to write?

Like many other, I also have a blog. Well, a few blogs really. Anyway,  I was looking for the easiest way to blog. I mean, to need to be hooked up to the internet before posting any new posts, at times put paid to my train of thought. Well, I do use Text and Wordpad, but it lacks the ability to insert images which would add dimension to the posting.

So, as I was scouring the Net, I stumbled across two blogging standalone software which allows me to post offline and have the function of adding images/albums etc.  I tried both blogging software,  BlogJet and Windows Live Writer. Both software are easily downloadable from the Net.

Writer is free, as part of the Windows Live ( I am writing offline in Writer now) and it allows one to insert hyperlinks/images/photo albums/table and maps (I haven’t  tried all of it yet. BlogJet on the other hand charges a small fee and apparently using FTP to attach images to the posting. Bummer if you don’t have an account. Other than that small difference, both are easy to use. Enjoy!


Live Writer

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