Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Win or to Mac?

My first experience with IT is with an Apple, when I got my hands on an Apple IIe at school where, me and my schoolmates learned about graphics and programming on the IIe. So, once the IBM-PC revolution hit the world, I jumped on the bandwagon running.

After graduating, I worked in a bank, the then ‘IT place’. We work around mainframes and IT server rooms which takes up a whole floor. Got my chance to help develop an accounts reconciliation system at the bank and hone my skills both in hardware and software aspect.

Windows I started with DOS, graduated to Win 3.1, then Win 95 all the way to XP, I can say I have the ability to troubleshoot should things broke down or refuse to work in those systems. With Vista? Not too familiar with the system but still learning. It should be easy to do, but I still prefer XP to Vista any day.

appleEven if I have been dabbling in Windows domain all this while, the Mac  universe has always had a special place in my heart but for the higher price of Apple laptops, I still yet to have my own first Mac. Anyway, todate I have a ‘Hackintosh’  running Leopard 10.5.3 :) Its just so easy to use.

One thing about Macs is that I do not have to deal too much about viruses as compared to on Windows platform. I switched from my Hackintosh to a newly acquired netbook a few weeks ago, and I had been attacked numerous times by either virus/hackware/malware etc. Luckily I have a good AV installed. It helps lessen the risk. Phew.

I love my Mini and I consider it my main work lappie now, but for ease of use and less headache, can’t beat my Hackintosh. Hmm, maybe I should get myself an Intel Mac too… or convert my Mini to a Hackintosh? Now that’s a thought…

To Win or to Mac?

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Marissa said...

I choose window. walaupun tempatvirus bertapa, but window mostreliable to any applications nowaday.

Uhuhu.. Walaupun Window byk makan duit org.. I still prefer wins. T_T