Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Selfish, selfless

We are selfish creatures. We think about ourselves most of the time. Its all about what is in it for ME, ME and ME. We laments the fact that no one seems to understand us. How come they do not see things the way I do?

I was having a discussion with a close friend about our differences in looking at some things. We debate on how we see things differently on the same matter. One common thing could be interpreted and looked at from two different point of view. How we agree to disagree.

Working together is an art, looking past our differences while recognizing each of our personal strength. Some of us have grown up and have made a name for themselves, so we are no less a person than the next person. But then again, it is never easy to step into other people’s shoe, so how do we know our shoe is bigger than their shoe?

Communication. Miscommunication. We tend to believe what we wanted even if it is a bit off the truth. Not trying to see the other point of view. Being a man, and stepping up to the plate is more honorable than grovel and pointing fingers at others, easily saying everyone missed the whole point.

I am willing to make concessions and look over the past. Are you? Or are you still stuck to the memories of yesterday?

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