Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice..

It has been quite a while since I last flown anywhere. No, I am not the tragic Icarus, but at times in the course of my work I DIPERINTAHKAN (saya yang menurut perintah, remember?) and would need to travel by air.

We use to fly using the national carrier, but the global economic downturn forces The Company to look into alternative carrier. Hence unless necessary, we will fly by AirAsia (AA). This means all domestic, and even for international flights (not that I have been on one lately)

Anyway, being a no frills carrier, everything else must be paid for inclusive of food. But, then again, the best thing is when you're travelling on business matters, The Company will factor it all in ie preferred boarding, choice seats and food. And one thing about AA is that they serve local flavours on their flight ;)

For most of my domestic flights, the food provided for us (pre-book) is usually Nasi Lemak Pak Ali, complete with rendang daging. Scrumptious, but you get bored if you had too many over a short span of time. I was already bracing myself for Nasi Lemak Pak Ali on my day-trip to KCH.

So, imagine my pleasant surprise when I was served Uncle Chin Chicken Rice, with juice and mineral water, biscuits, teabag and coffee sachet. Courtesy of The Company.

"Not too bad, eh?". Spoke too soon. On my flight back to KUL, I was once again served guessed it, Uncle Chin Chicken Rice. Sigh. This cycle could be repeating itself soon.. very, very soon..

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