Friday, July 23, 2010

It has been 3 weeks..

This is a picture of my water bottle. I make it a habit to freeze my water bottle the night before every ride. The thinking behind it is as the frozen water bottle thaws, I would have a cold drink for far longer time compared to a normal iced water bottle.

Since the incident of triple whammy three weeks ago, I haven't ridden a bit due to the fact that my rear wheel is still in the shop. The funny thing is, the one time I actually went to the shop to pick it up, I was short on cash in the wallet.

You see, I did not specifically inform the technician NOT to change the tube (as I have a few lying around) so I was expecting the repairs to cost less than 20 bucks. Lo and behold, the repairs was on RM14, but replacement tube cost me another RM17! Bummer! I only carry 20 buck in wallet.

Rush to the shopping complex next door only to found that the two available ATM are either offline or unable to dispense. #*@/?( Apa la! So with 'muka tebal', I went to the shop and tell them I will come back later to pick up the wheels. Ceh, malu betul..

The moral of the story: Next time, bring enough money and more to the bike shop AND please, please lose weight as it might mean that you'll be riding the bike more as opposed to it being in the shop due to broken spoke(s). Hehehe!
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