Friday, July 23, 2010

Of fuel, LPG, sugar and RON97

It has been almost two weeks since the announced increase on fuel and sugar. A five cents increase for diesel and petrol, 25 cents increase for sugar and RON97 price will no longer be subsidised, meaning it will be according to market forces (as of now, a five cent premium over the old price)

How does it affects us as consumer? I don't know economics and maths, but I do think the impact would be minimal IF we take the steps to deal with the increase. A 5 cents increase in fuel cost means a range of 2.4-2.8% increase in fuel expenditure. A 25 cents increase in sugar price, is a tad high at 15% but it just might curb our sweet appetite.

For me, it just mean...less teh tarik AND ride more, drive less. Hehehe..if only its as simple as that (hmm, alasan, alasan..)

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