Monday, March 29, 2010

Another ride, another broken spoke

Lately, I felt that my effort has been jeopardized. Not that some othe people is sabotaging the effort that I put in, but I have been let down by frequent machanical breakdown.

In March alone, I have broken the spoke on my rear wheel three times. The first time was early March as I was riding from Muar to Parit Sulong, which means my dream of riding thru LTdL was stopped halfway in its track.

The second time was the week before as I was riding back from somewhere along the Kota Tinggi roads towards Kluang. The lack of a good bike shop (wheelbuilder I mean) cut short my bike-work trip to the Railway Coffee town.

The third time in as many weeks was yesterday. As I was riding towards Sweet Lemon, heard that all familiar 'twang', and rightly so, a spoke had broke. Ceh! And this is just 20km into that ride..with some newly found friend (I literally bumped into them as I was looking for cycling kaki).

Is the wheels at the end of its life? Have I grown too heavy for the wheels? Has the wheels not been trued well the first few times? Do I need a replacement wheels? Anybody got extra, cheap, good wheels to sell?

Too many choices ;( But first, need to send the broken member to the bike shop soon. Can't afford to just sit on my wide bum, doing nothing this week..huhuhu


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