Thursday, April 01, 2010

The tolls are taking its toll

One of the things that I like about cycling is that it is an economical mode of transport. Unlike a car it does not need fuel. Or parking. Or tolls.

For the past 8 weeks I have been alternating between commuting and riding, so it has been a good arrangement of sort, to be able to save some of the expenses associated with driving a car.

So, when my rear wheel spoke broke last week, I have no other options other than to drive to work. The thing I miss most about riding my bike? Not having to pay tolls.

The tolls that I have to pay on each driving days are RM7.60 (RM3.80 one way). So, with driving/riding halfway, I would only need to spend RM2.10 per day, a saving of RM5.50. If its is a 5 working days a week, it would be a saving of RM27.50 each week.

Not to mention the reduction of fuel expenses, which could easily be another RM20 per week, so the economical benefit of riding to work, could be in the region of RM150-200 per month. That is a substantial amount to say the least.

Unfortunately, I am still bikeless (that's another story altogether), and the tolls are definitely taking its toll ;(
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