Friday, March 05, 2010

New day, new place..

The country is gripped with cycling fever. Its that time of the year when LTdL is THE event.

I took the chance to be involved with the road tour this year. I remembered in 2005, with a few friends, drove up to Genting and literary painted the roads ala how its done in Europe :)

I just love race cycling. Its like chess on wheels played by the teams involved. With sprinters and climbers, supported by their trusty domestiques pit their best rider to win each stage. And the buildup to the finish line is highly tactical, and with speeds in excess of 60kmh in a bunch sprints!

This year, I will be joining the tour in Mersing, Muar and PD. We will be bed-hopping daily, moving from one hotel to another by day end. What it also allows me to do is, to ride at different places on a daily basis.

Am so looking forward to it :)

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