Friday, December 04, 2009

Tekala Ride Report :(

Received a SMS from AbG Man, that the Clan will be riding from Hulu Langat to Tekala this weekend. I haven’t been riding at all for the past few months, and on the last ride with the ISN crew, even catching up with CH is hard work (I suspect CH had secret training. Really)

Got up early, nasib baik basikal dah ada dalam kereta. Can’t really sleep that night, too excited actually. Ye la, boleh ke tak nak kayuh ni, dah la the Tekala route is a bit hilly. Anyway, I reached Bt18 at 0730 and prepared my bike. We waited for Cikgu Hisyam, and rode out shortly after.

Indication of the upcoming torture came soon after, as I somehow felt that the 10km ride to the Tekala/Peres intersection is much longer than I last remembered. Checked my GPS, but everything is where it should be. I somehow dropped my water bottle, and was left behind by the rest in a jiffy. Fuh, laju betul diaorang nih…

Nearing the intersection I was out of breath. Really out of breath that I even contemplated turning back, but no, I could not let that happen. Then, one uncle ride alongside me on a steel old-skool MTB, and he actually rode past me just like that. Effortlessly. And he even give me some advice on how to regulate my breathing (I must  surely sounded terrible)

Then another kakak/makcik and uncle passes me over, then the whole PER group left me in their wake. I must be in such terrible shape then. I was passed over by more than 20 cyclist and I could never ride alongside them, what more to catch them :) CiOCC clan jangan cerita la, berdesup perginya, tak nampak bayang langsung!

Made it to Sg.Tekala and I was the last person in. Make fun of myself, what else to do and after the customary refueling session, rode back with the CiOCC clan, and sure enough after 4kms, I just could not keep up. Their average must be nearing 30kmh while I was struggling to hit 24kmh. Adohai.. confirm la kena tinggal kat belakang macam ni :(

Finally I reached the RV point and most bikes are already in the car, so this ride serves a reminder that if you don’t do the miles, you will be left behind.

And CH has been having secret training sessions all these while. Ceh, nak kena kayuh pergi balik kerja la macam ni…

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