Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resolutions? Nah…

It has come to that time of the year where you look at your accomplishments and charted your resolutions for next year. But before that, lets check this year’s resolution…

  1. Cycle and row as much as possible in 2009 (basically kena work out la ye tak?)
  2. Ride these climbs (in no particular order). Perez. Sempah. Broga. Kelawang. Fraser. Cameron?
  3. Do at least a century ride (100 miles or 160 kilometers)
  4. Starts running again (in preparation for No.5)
  5. Do Powerman 2009 and hopefully finish within the stipulated time (nak try gak dapat medal)
  6. Pick up swimming (in preparation for triathlon, hehe)
  7. Do a cycling tour (maybe a few days ride with friends, kan guys?)
  8. Influence as many friends possible to pick up cycling (Circle of Influence kan Bro Zizan?)

Oops ;(

No.1 is haphazard and haywire at best, not been riding as often. Rowing? Lalalalalala… No.2? Done Perez early in the year, but not many else (even failed on Mendum, huhuhu)

The planned Ipoh Century Ride clashed with a working weekend, so there goes my century and Powerman tinggal kenangan je la nampaknya…

Cycling tours will need to be planned early, and with much details. Tapi memang macam best je bunyinya, amik a few days leave and ride.

So, how would 2010 look like? Guess I’ll better plan to put in some extra rides every few days. Err, riding to work seems doable. More so CH has been secretly training all year round. Tak boleh jadi ni…

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