Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Travel notes to the land Down Under…

After waiting for an eternity (actually its plus minus half an hour) at Sydney, we decided to report the delayed baggage as we do need to catch a connecting flight to Canberra. Tried my best to describe the bag, and after being assured it will be looked into,  were given a reference number.

We then make our way by bus to the domestic terminal, (its quite a distance away) but little do we know that actually there are two different domestic terminal which caters to different numbered flight. Went to T2, but were told that our flight is at T3. WTF!! Our flight is slightly more than an  hour away. Luckily its just within a walking distance. Phew!!

DSC07933Nick hazard a guess that most probably we will be flying a 737 to Canberra, but I told him that we might be flying in a turboprop ( I checked early on) and rightly so, we are on a turboprop. A DHC-8. At least a turboprop will fly much, much lower than a jet plane, so it could mean more photo opportunity :)

Canberra is not unlike Putrajaya to us, as its the administrative capital of Australia. Surprisingly, it has no international airport. Nick commented that the airport at his hometown, Nelson (pop:50K) is about the same size. To put it into perspective, one of our domestic airport are bigger than Canberra (International) airport. Really.

The crew (minus one bag of course) checks in at our accommodation which is equipped with a kitchenette. So, what else, the three of us raid the supermarket afterwards, which is conveniently located at the back of our apartment. Sweet. It is made sweeter by free wi-fi available so me and my mate (hehe) could be online all day long.

Did a web check on my delayed/missing luggage (yup, you could do that). but it is yet to be located. Hmm…

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