Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Show me the money...

I received the approved budget for this year a few days back. Finally, I say. But then again, the figures does not 'figures' gently in my plan. In short, my budget was reduced by more than 60% than what I actually applied two years back (in my organization, we applied for 2008 budget in 2006)

The things that got reduced a lot are on equipments and maintenance. In total, my equipment budget is cut by more than 600K and my maintenance budget cut by 120K. In the business where we rely on cutting edge technologies, a cut of 75% on equipments could stifle our development. And where equipments are concerned, a reduction in maintenance budget could put a stop to operations should some things broke down.

But, no use worrying about that, at least I am given some amount of budget to play with. After all, the current economic situation needs us to be more than careful with our spending. So now, it seems that my team will need to be more prudent in spending and reschedule some purchases. Or, what else, some creative accounting is in order. Work still have to go on, right?

Bila nak start kayuh basikal balik ni...

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