Monday, March 16, 2009

The flight that escapes me...

I am supposed to travel up north next week for some work related matters. Needs to be in PNG and LGK, but that is not the problem. I travel quite often, just that at times, one missed small things could make your travel less easy than it should be.

My travel is handled by a division in our office where we provide them with our planned itinerary and they will do their best to accommodate our request. All this while, it is quite straightforward. I send the request to the respective department once approved, with a planned itinerary duly printed, all the way down to dates and times and where applicable, the specific flight code.

Well, in view of the recession, we switched to a budget airline. No problem with me, but as I explained to the (new) person in charge two weeks back, I need to catch a specific flight from PNG to LGK on that specific date as it make no sense for me to fly back from PNG to KUL and then back to LGK. The person involved said, not to worry as the travel agency will handle it.

So imagine my surprise a few days back when I receive a copy of my itinerary, which is a total screw up. It says that I have a return flight to PNG. Apa la! I have even given them a printed copy of my planned itinerary that states my travel is KUL-PNG-LGK-KUL. And what I get? KUL-PNG-KUL. And they did not even catch me my flight to LGK, and by the time I checked again online, its already sold out.

I was then asked to deal with the travel agent myself. They admit the problem and will send me a new corrected itinerary of KUL-PNG and LGK-KUL. As of today, I havent received the new flight itinerary as yet. And I need to figure out how am I going to Langkawi from Penang. By road? Ferry? Anybody have an idea?

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