Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Missing... in action

There is a lot I have missed these past few weeks, cycling wise. I missed PCM Ride for Gaza, I missed Sunday rides to Lenggeng, the week after that to Labu and definitely the ride up Genting Sempah towards Janda Baik, that I've put as one of my targets this year.

I am currently in 'resistance training' mode, hence no cycling. Not doing any type of training at all for that matter. I RESIST training. Period.

(P/S I am the one in the middle)


warimad said...

PCM Ride for Gaza = x join

Sunday rides to Lenggeng = dgn jayanya

Bangi, Labu, Salak Tinggi = dgn jayanya

ride up Genting Sempah towards Janda Baik = dgn jayanya (wpun sakit lotot, overuse injury, huhuu...)

Next, Bkt Fraser = err..mampukah???

AAJ said...

missing for something....tunggu...