Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The usual Tuesday Night ride # 2

I was late again. Its already 835pm. I don't want to keep them in the dark so I called Wari and asked about his whereabout. 'Kat lokasi biasa la', he answered. 

'Sapa lagi ada?'

'Aku sorang je' he said a matter-of-factly.

'CH ada ke?'

'Tak nampak pon dia'

'Takpe, ko tunggu kejap, aku dah on the way. Kejap lagi aku call dia'  I ended the conversation.

When I reached the RV point, both of them are already gone thinking that I'm riding to the RV and plans will meet me halfway.  Wari then called and I asked him to wait somewhere in front and I'll join them shortly. Set up my bike and sped away looking for them. Apparently they waited for me some 3km away.

Regrouped and decided to do double hill loop tonight. CH suddenly hurts his knee so I suggested that we stick to an average of 25kmh. Starts slowly and up the Alamanda incline, feels good and CH, hurt knee or not, is just 10 meters behind us. He then picked up speed along Persiaran Timur all the way to PICC exit, while Wari and me decided to stick to our earlier agreed average.

CH continues to power on on the way back along towards Alamanda. He even leads us up the long incline, until Wari decided to step up a gear and speed along, leaving me and CH in his wake. I tried to follow suit but as I am 1.5 times his weight, its easier said than done. Note to self : lose another few kilos soon. Only then I can think of being a better climber.

One hour into the ride I suggested that we do 3 loops (CH suggested 5) of the big roundabout. The first loop was done at an average of 33kmh, the second one at a speed of 28kmh and the last one around 24kmh. Then we rushed over to the RV point for our refuelling and comparing calories session, hahaha.

Tonight we manage to put in 38km of riding, and I used in excess of 1300kcal, while Wari and CH burned around 800+kcal each. Tak puas hati la tu. Aku ni berat la, sebab tu la aku boleh burn lebih banyak kalori, hahaha. Lepas tu, sekejap je dah nak sampai max HR.  Here's to our next ride on Friday night. Dengarnya En Big, Albert(?), Lei dan Encik Is will be joining us...

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