Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The top and the bottom of it...

I was in a rush tonight. I was supposed to meet the guys at the RV point at 830pm. The time now is five minutes after 8, and I have yet to put in the bike in the car. Rushing down with bike, water, gears, GPS and HRM and chuck it into the car. Backed up the car and was on my way in no time.

Along the way, calculated the best route to be at the RV point by the stipulated time. I have been late a few times already (what else is new?) so I'll try not to be late again this time. Called Big and he's in SuRaDa, so he should be a bit late. Called Wari next and he says he's on his way, which means that I might not be that late after all. CH is taking a rain check, he's tired after a long testing session in the afternoon.

I stopped somewhere along the way, within good time to reach the RV point, and decided to do some extra kilometers on the bike. Put out my bike, take the wheels and put it up. Strap in my transmitter and GPS and suddenly I stopped in my track. @#%!^&*(!@#%! How could I forget?

In my haste, I forgot to bring two things. My helmet. And my cycling shoes. Hence the top and the bottom of it. That, ladies and gentlemen, means the end of my ride for tonight. I am not sacrificing safety and pedaling efficiency.

The moral of the story: Prepare well in advance and never rush. Better late than never (better to come late to a ride than not riding at all, cheh!)


bola2api said...

next time try wearing helmet while driving to RV point.. hope it helps..

aku tak buat lawak tau.. betul2 ni..

Man CIOCC said...

Laa...kedai buah tembikai kan banyak. No one would know the difference.

Alah masa PCM ada yang pakai selipar...

Enche Bon said...

Hahaha, thanks for the advice. Kalau aku jumpa a girl bawak kereta pakai helmet beskal, aku tahu la ko bukanlah orang itu, hehehe... Er, bila nak amik lesen kete ni?

Abg Man,
Tak sempat nak singgah kedai tembikai la kisahnya. Dah 2 kali dah helmet saves my head masa ride, tu yang malas ride takde helmet. 'No helmet, no ride' kan?

Yang pakai selipar masa PCM tu fesyen baru, kasut tu airbrushed menyerupai kaki memakai selipar, hahaha...