Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rest is part of training, no?

Rest is part of training. Period.

2100hrs Make my way back from KT after the event ended at 1830hrs. Packing etc takes another hour.

0300hrs Just got back from the East Coast and later tonight is the usual training session in Putrajaya. 

1130hrs Met CH and Wari, who did not go to the East Coast and discussed about the ride tonite. Both of them are looking forward to tonight's ride. Me? In all enthusiasm, agreed to meet them at the RV place at 2030hrs.

1700hrs Started to feel the effects of long waking hours and travel (the past two days) and lack of rest. Dehydration too. Starts to have doubts about tonight's session, but played it down. Need to be resolute about training.

2015hrs My body feels heavy and creaky, throat dry and movement lethargic. Decided to take a rain check for tonight. SMSd wari to inform so that they do not wait up for me. So much for being resolute, hehehe.

Sorry guys, can't make it tonight. But rest is also part of training, right?

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