Friday, January 09, 2009

And then gravity pulls you down...

How many of you have fallen off your bike? I can see many hands and nodding heads.

Why do you fall from your bike? Many reason. Crash? More nodding heads I see. Slippery roads and loose sand on switchbacks? Some nodding heads. Trying to avoid cars that do not signal when turning? Hmm. Accidentally clipped the wheels in front? Yes.

At the traffic light? Loses balance while perfecting the track stand? Still clipped in? I saw a few of those, right Lei?

I got one last week. Equipment trouble as my cleat refused to dislodge from my pedal. Loses my balance while stopping. So I fall with the bike. Still clipped in. Like nangka busuk. Ceh. Akhirnya I join THE group (kan Lei kan?).

This is the result. A few deep gash on my right foot courtesy of the chainring and a bruised left knee. Padan muka aku.


bola2api said...

i fell twice while cycling, first time at putrajaya, the road was slippery and me going downhill quite fast. Nasib baik terbabas atas rumput tepi jalan.

Oakley handle scratched just on top of my left brow and I have the scar to prove it. At the time of incident, there was some blood and I was in a daze and all I could think of was my bike haha!

typical cyclist.

tri-amir said...

How painful. But I thought U always wore thights. do take care. inshallah will see you soon..SEA games is deffinatly on our agenda..!!

Enche Bon said...


Such astute observation, spoken like a typical cyclist.

Not so typical cyclist with a mere scratch on the knee - "Ouch!Ouch! What pain! get me to the hospital (hysterics)"

Typical cyclist with a broken ribs, cracked helmet and lacerations all over with blood oozing - "Erhm... where's my bike? Is my bike OK? No crack? Scratch? Anything broken on the bike? Wheels OK?"

Abg Amir,

the chainring chose to prick where the long thights end, just before my socks starts. Hahaha. Its healing up nicely though :)

bola2api said...

one thing i learnt from parenthood that I practiced during rides is that if i or anyone else for that matter, fell, first thing to do is drink water. if there's vomiting after drinking water, there might be reasons to be alarmed. better check the head (not becoz of the crazy ride, but for concussions) and in case there is internal bleeding, god forbid..

and also put ice where there is pain.. it treats the inflammation faster.

bola2api said...

story on my first fall

second fall in Gopeng

AAJ said...

Dalam cite LONGEST YARD to dia kata "pain and scar will be healed within weeks, MALU will last forever"...hahahahaha..been there, done that...

Enche Bon said...


Sebab malu la bila nak bangun pon kena slow-slow, hahaha... siap menyumpah2 kat Big lagi, sebab suruh aku berenti tolong dia :)

See you later mate!!