Friday, January 09, 2009

And the (dawn of?) new beginning...

I am looking forward to tonight's ride in Putrajaya. It has been five days since I last rode Scotty. I am expecting the usual crew for the ride tonight, minus Big as he is in the southern tip of the country for a family matter. No worries mate, you could always join us next week.

Lei has finally picked up Scott XS (read here) after a hiatus of several years. I love his Shimano wheelset, and a light wheelset means a lower rolling resistance. can't wait to meet you and Scott XS later tonight mate :)

On another note, CH and I managed to use our Circle of Influence to welcome the new addition to our crew. The Fuji twins. Remember our 'Jalan-jalan cari Basikal' adventure sometime last month? Since then we have visited a few more bike shops to look for some good bargains (with previous years models)

We brought along Warimad, who currently uses a Scott Team bike, and scoured the Klang Valley, high and lows (and once got lost in the process of looking for a specific shop in Melawati, where we settled for Penang style lunch) for that beginner bike. AlBert also want to get a bike, though will not be riding it for a couple of weeks as yet.

When Suhaimi PPZ paraded his new yellow Fuji bling, bling at last weekend 'Kayuhan Malas Lepak Santai' (read here), we decided to visit a certain shop along Jalan Ampang, and true enough, Uncle is having a clearance sale. Fuji half carbon bikes going for a mere three thousand bucks. Two models are up for grabs, with either yellow/black or the red ones with Tiagra or 105 drivetrain.

Verdict? Both Warimad and AlBert bought a road bike each. The Red Fuji. Hence, the Fuji twins.

So, Mr Big, WHEN are you getting your road bike? Hehehe... takkan setakat kena jadi support crew pulak lepas nih :)

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Enche Bon

waaa...habis semua crew kena convert jadi roadies..Hehe..Circle of Influence:-)