Saturday, January 10, 2009

I was late...

...and my phone is ringing incessantly. Its Lei and Wari. Called Wari and asked him if everyone is already there. He says that  even Ayie Nexus is there. Hmm..

"Aku tengah cycle on the way ke sana. I am near JPM now. Err, CH ada tak?" I asked. "Belum call lagi" says Wari. "Call and check dia kat mana. Aku sampai kejap lagi", while continuing to spin and warm up all the way to RV.

True enough when I arrived there, Wari, Ayie and Lei is already waiting. Even CH is there, setting up his bike. Sorry guys, I'm late this time (macam last time jugak la, hehehe). Lets ride guys, its late already so off we go on the usual PCM route. All roadies today it seems as Big is away in JB.

We started slow, decided to maintain 20kmh for the first few kilometers. It does feels good, riding with buddies :) Lei can't resist the playful sprints chasing Ayie after every traffic light, ceh. The competitive nature in him is too great. Sabar bang, tak banyak mileage lagi in those legs.

We spin along the Alamanda incline, with CH, Ayie and Wari dancing up those incline. Lei is slowly finding his rhythm and setup on Scott XS. We zooms down the long descent and hitting 40+kmh and the sprinters are having a field day. Takpe, takpe, nanti aku brush up aku punya sprinting boleh la challenge korang...

I decided to spin along (slowly) before meeting the 'sprinters' near PICC. Decided against going back the long incline and instead go down the boulevard, where the cobbles is made bearable by our carbon forks (as if). From the Mosque, me and Wari cycled down to the RV chasing CH, Lei and Ayie in front. After the traffic light on the 9th, Ayie and Lei sprints it out all the way to the finish, reminiscence of the usual ride ending sprints after Asasi in UM.

Thanks guys for a good ride. We'll do this again next week. Maybe over two laps this time?

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