Thursday, January 08, 2009

This (lazy) week in perspective...

This week has been a lazy week, cycling wise. Since the last 'kayuhan malas lepak santai' to Putrajaya, haven't been on the saddle one bit this week. Been eating and enjoying food it seems :) Last week was a good week on the bike. Cycled in excess of 200km in total. Maybe too much so soon, so I might as well cut it a bit this week. Maybe do some total of 70-80km only :)

Lei called me (surprisingly) yesterday, and true enough, just to inform me that he  had picked up his trusty Scott XS and eager for the next ride. His Klein is rested, can't afford to be left behind on all the future rides by speedsters on RBs. I think that is also the same thing that ran thru Suhaimi PPZs mind, when he got himself a new bling, bling half carbon Fuji. Hehehe... I would like to think that its not about the bike. Just like what Lance says.

I am looking forward to the ride tomorrow night. Need to get my legs moving for the ride up to Perez on Sunday. Better keep my hydration status in check. Don't want to be dehydrated for the Sunday ride.

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bola2api said...

perez here we come! hehe