Monday, December 22, 2008

Jalan-jalan Cari Basikal

Warimad came over and asked me a question, 'Is Scott Scale 80 a good bike?', to which I suggested that I will check it out for him on the internet. I am not that familiar with MTBs (not that I am THAT familiar with roadbikes, hehe). Warimad is the latest victim of our MGM scheme, where we get friends to get interested with our cycling escapades.

Not long after that, Big came and says that lets go out for a drink. CH and Warimad is already waiting. Actually the group is hanging out to discuss about a friend's offer to sell Warimad the Scale. Me? Dunno much I guess. while eating, the discussion drifts to the disassembled Scott lying around. 'Lets send it over for repairs and maybe we could look at a few bikes too'.

We load the bike to his car and off we go to K-Fine, near Big's house. The Boss was nowhere to be seen. 'Macam mana nak bincang bisnes ni, Boss takde plak'. But we ogled a few new bike that has arrived since I last been there. As we are making our way back, suddenly The Boss arrived, and we talk what else, cogs la...hehehe. He promised it to be ready tonight. Just nice for our ride tomorrow night.

Its still early, so CH suggested that we visited a few more bike shops and look at the options that we have. Warimad actually is seriously thinking of acquiring a bike. Just that he is not sure whether to get a road bike or a MTB. I told him that me and CH only rides on tar, but Big has a MTB. 'Lets just see, tengok apa yang ada, then nanti buat keputusan'.

We ended up in BikePro. Sure enough, there are lots of choices but he carry mostly  mid to high end stuffs. I saw a bike that catches my fancy. Nice bike, good component and its in my size. The price? I do think its manageable. Most probably I'll get it before Powerman 2009 (if its still there la). We manage to check Scale 80 at the shop as it was in store. Hmm, Warimad is deep in thinking.

After BikePro, CH suggested the Merida shop nearby. Even Big was interested on one of the Merida road models. Warimad was looking at 901 and 903. Big was eyeing the 880 as his beginner road companion. Maybe the 904 could be the better option, with 105 grouppo. But for each increase in numbers, the prices increases as well. More choices make it more difficult to choose, right Warimad?

We then went over to DU for prayers and visit Edwin's shop. More high end products, and Edwin offered a carbon Schwinn with 105 groupset for a mere 4.5K, if I am not mistaken. Its the right size for Big. Me? I'll stick with alloy for the time being. I am not that careful a person, and a cracked carbon frame would mean a cracked bank account.

Its almost 5, when we finally finished our 'Bike Discovery Tour', but its a day well spent. At least we would know at what price point our bikes will be, and maybe I'll look for year-end 2008 bikes sales prior to the 2009 range are due to be in, hehehe. Who knows?

Either way, we will have our 'really slow' group ride tomorrow night.

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