Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Macam ni kena kayuh pi GS ni..."

I was late. I was supposed to be at RV at 8pm. But I am still at home. The phone is dead. I guess the crew must be trying to call me. Sorry guys! Lei must be calling me to confirm about tonight. Anyway, borrowed a phone and called Big and tell them to wait for me, as I am already on my way.

Sure enough, they are ready and just waiting for me. My GPS is half dead, so decided not to bring any gadgets today. I even took off my speedo. Today, just a 'feel' ride. No speed, no distance, just cycle away. We decided to take the PCM route as we welcome a new member, Warimad. His bike is repaired just in time for the ride tonight.

Apparently the problem I had from Bagan Lalang trip surfaced again. Both RD and FD refused to change easily, preferring to skip. No problem. I'll  just stay in my cadence gear. The ride started around 845pm (sorry guys for being late) and I am really taking it easy. As if on cue, we toyed around with Big, pulling away whenever he is near us. After the traffic lights, all of us sprinted away, leaving Big behind.

Me and Warimad kept a distance, while CH accompanies Big... that is up till after nearing PICC, when all of us sprinted away leaving Big to work hard on his bike to catch up. Out of the sudden, Warimad says that his crank wobbled. Its either the screws are not tight or the BB is problematic. We then rode slowly, just before a pee break, hehe.

After that unscheduled break, we continues toward the boulevard and the mosque, where Big breezes through cos he got suspension. We roll all the way to the RV point and manage to finish the ride in about 1:22. Not bad, which I think would be a bit faster that the previous time. Average speed should be about 19kmh, a jump from Big's previous 16.5kmh. Good for you, fren!

'Mesti sebab basikal. Kalau aku pun pakai road bike, sure boleh kejar korang punya la', that was Big's assessment of the whole ride. So, now its time to get a road bike, eh Big? Which one? The Merida or the Trek? He felt tonight's ride is easier the second time around. Most probably his body has started adapting to cycling. He added, 'Macam ni kena kayuh pi GS ni..."

Don't worry my friends, before the year 2009 ends, all of us will ride GS. All the way up. We'll make sure of it.

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