Friday, December 12, 2008

The last (non-rempit) social ride of the year

After a fortnight without internet access, being in office finally allows me to update myself on the world news (especially news and updates from my friends). I do have a few sites that I usually visit as listed on the left, hehe :) And one of the site that I look forward to is for its cordial monthly social ride event. I missed last month's ride (read reports here and here) and I am really looking forward to the December ride, even as I was riding Langkawi these past two weeks.

Once in office this morning, I opened PCM blog and... Alamak! The last PCM ride will be held next weekend, on the 19th. I will be outstation on that day as I would need to fetch my parents from the airport. I was hoping to bring Big to his first PCM as I had missed the last one last month (needs to be in Langkawi, hehehe). Seems that I will have to ask Big to go to this month PCM on his own then. Kena paksa jugak la nampaknya...

But then the bottom line remains that I STILL cant attend PCM this month... Ceh! 

p/s Cik Puan bola2api, still takleh pergi la nampaknya. Kena bukak buku baru tahun depan gamaknya

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