Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are we creatures driven by guilt?

As I plunked myself on my seat, Big suddenly appears in my doorway. He asked about my recent trip (which was productive), comment on my tan (ye la, kulit aku dah gelap) and my rides (which was unfortunately cut short by a broken spoke). Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then I asked his about his adventure on his DaBomb. He said that he have not been riding for quite some time citing family commitment all the way to the current rainy weather. He is not even training on his stationary bike. He reiterates that he needs to ride somehow. Ceh, individual training time memang la kena cari sendiri, ye tak?

To that I suggested that tomorrow night we ride Putrajaya. I will invite CH along with us. With that suggestion, his face lights up and straight away he says yes. He asked on details such as RV point, what time to meet up, which route to take to which I suggested the PCM route to prepare him for this month's ride. He seems itchy to ride and looking forward to tomorrow night.

Thats what you call a guilt ride. I will be on my own guilt ride as well :)

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