Monday, November 24, 2008

On the day you were born...

We are the Sagitarians' brotherhood. Ija, Acis and me. The day we are born into this world are only a few days apart, albeit born on different year. But we are worlds apart, in size, demeanor and style. Most of the time, we do not seem like sharing the same blood in our veins.

Acis is the youngest, but since very young he displayed the promise of leadership. His name means (I think) high intelligence, and boy, was he intelligent. Anyway, he was my favourite because of the gap in age between us, means that I got the chance to babysit (and wipe and whup his ass) him when he was a baby.

He grows up quickly, were bundled off to one of the top school in the country, and became a sports star, that is until a knee injury threaten to put an end to his sporting career. But he still packs a mean defense in the paint, bad knee or not. He is gregarious in nature, and always surrounded by friends. He is affable and at times a teddy bear at heart. Wek!!

He's happily settled down now and contented with life, with his lovely wife. Good for you, bro.

Here's to celebrating life, Acis. I wish all the best for you and will never forget all that you have done for me. Thanks :)


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