Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cantik, menarik, tertarik... kau memang, DaBomb!

Meet Big. As his name suggest, he is big sized. Not that heavy really, just 116kg in weight, but the uneven distribution of fat makes him to 'look' much bigger than he actually is (for one, I weight almost 100 kilos). Unfortunately, he also carry with him a few more of the modern disease, gout, high blood pressure etc.

After he was hospitalised not long ago, as concerned colleagues, we have been advising him to start exercising. As he has gout, jogging would be out of the question. His high BP doesnt make it any easier. But then again, to alleviate the stress on his knee, we suggested cycling (what else?). I started the ball rolling by loaning him my old helmet and cycling meter.

Rob, Nick's buddy, had left his bike here after the Trans-China trip, and Nick says that he might want to sell it off. As Big is quite tall, he needs a 19" frame, so its a good match with Rob's bike. Discussion ensued, especially about price. The bike is a good one, with nice components and freebies thrown in. Unfortunately for Big, his late committal to the negotiated price means someone else grabs Rob's bike.

Not disheartened, he calls up some people and actually goes to a bike shop near his house. He inquired and introduced to a DaBomb bike, model Tora Bora. The price quoted, a bit more than what he had negotiated for Rob's bike but I argued that it is a brand new bike, unlike Rob's two year old ride. We suggested a few upgrades and Bro Khairi is accommodating enough.

Hehehe, it seems that Big has been bitten by the cycling bug. It wont be long before he started to spend more (and more). Next on his (cycling) list are padded shorts, glove, hand pump, (new) cycling computer, heart rate monitors etc.

Heard he has been riding (i heard) almost everyday now. Welcome to the club and next time you'll be riding with us. November PCM will be the next one, Big :)

UPDATE : Hmm... I have yet to meet DaBomb, but once we made our acquaintance, I will definitely post his pics here...

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